Hayden Hurst needs Cincinnati Bengals fans to vote

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The mid-term elections are finished, for the most part. But the time to get out and vote for Cincinnati Bengals fans is not over. Except now, we can make our voices heard on more entertaining matters. For example, do not forget to vote for Hayden Hurst for the “Salute to Service Award presented by USAA.”

Hurst is the Bengals’ nominee in the first ever Salute to Service Award, in which NFL fans get to vote on who the three finalists for the prize will be. 

First, it is our duty as Bengals fans to get Hurst to that point. The announcement of who the finalists are will be made in January. Once that mission is accomplished, the Salut to Service Award winner will be announced during the week of the Super Bowl. 

On the season, Hurst has recorded 38 catches, 303 yards, and two touchdowns in his first year with Cincinnati. But, more importantly, his off-the-field contributions are numerous. They are laid out on the NFL’s communication page as follows (more is available on the site):

"Hayden Hurst has been a growing national voice in the mental health treatment, awareness and advocacy community since sharing his story of battling depression and anxiety in 2020. That year, he and his family produced a video with a message to Marines in support of Suicide Prevention Month, which helped introduce Hurst to the mental, emotional and psychological challenges faced by current and former military members. Since then, he has remained dedicated to veteran outreach, working with several organizations around the country through the Hayden Hurst Family Foundation. Hurst pledged $20,000 to Top Dogg K9 Foundation, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that trains and pairs service dogs with disabled veterans struggling with mental health challenges post-deployment. At the third annual Hayden Hurst Family Foundation Golf Tournament held in February, Hurst and his mother, Cathy, worked with Acadia Healthcare to fly in a foursome of military patients that were honored before participating in the event. Proceeds from the tournament benefited the Youth Crisis Center, an organization that helps children with depression and anxiety in Hurst’s hometown of Jacksonville, FL. "

NFL Communications

There's more information available on the link provided.

So Bengals fans, while you are out voting for the Pro Bowl, do not forget that it is not too late to cast your Salute to Service vote for your new favorite tight end, Hayden Hurst! 

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Head over right now to NFL.com/SaluteFanVote to choose. And while you can only vote once a day, you can vote every day until voting ends on November 30th. So vote early and often. 

We love the Bengals 3,000. Who Dey?!