How 3 Bengals players who broke out this offseason can contribute in 2023

  • Brad Robbins will be the team's punter
  • Domenique Davis should get a call-up if injuries occur
  • Andrei Iosivas has potential on offense
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrei Iosivas (80) catches a pass in the first quarter of the NFL
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Andrei Iosivas (80) catches a pass in the first quarter of the NFL / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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A few broke out for the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason. Some made the 53-man roster, while others did not. Of those remaining, one starter, backup, and practice squad member stood out.

Here are three Bengals players at three dissimilar levels of the depth chart who broke out this offseason and how they can contribute in 2023. 

Brad Robbins

The easiest way for rookie punter Brad Robbins to contribute in 2023 is to do what he was brought in to do. He is off to a good start. 

Robbins’ reputation as a punter with a high hang time precedes him. He did not disappoint this offseason. He started well in the offseason program, showing his accuracy and powerful leg. 

Robbins was also right at home when holding on field goals and extra points. We knew this would not be a problem for the rookie after seeing him do it for the best collegiate kicker in the country last season, Jake Moody. 

Robbins' facility for holing and getting off his punts carried over to the preseason games. He was the holder on six of Evan McPherson’s eight field goals in the preseason and McPherson nailed all eight of those kicks.

Robbins got to work on every aspect of his punting arsenal as well. He had eight punts in the preseason. His longest was 65 yards against the Packers, which resulted in a touchback. The total return yards on all of his preseason punts were 10 yards. Three of his eight punts finished inside the 20

Robbins was a sixth-round pick in this year’s draft. While the team claimed it was a competition between him and Drue Chrisman, it was decidedly anything but. Nor should it have been. Teams do not draft kickers and punters to compete for jobs. At least, they shouldn’t. The rookie punter is one of the six new starters this season. 

Anticipate Robbins to have an easy transition to the NFL after his display of punting and holding abilities in college and the preseason.