How to listen to the Bengals on the radio in 2023-24: Full Guide

Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp
Cincinnati Bengals Mandatory Minicamp / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

For some Cincinnati Bengals fans, it's better to listen to the games on the radio. Whether it's trying to avoid having to listen to Tony Romo or that's just the vibe you prefer, listening to Bengals games is a great alternative to watching on TV!

Dan Hoard and Dave Lapham do an excellent job each and every week so it makes sense if fans opt to go for the radio broadcasts than the TV ones. Or you could do both and just mute the TV so that you still get to hear Hoard and Lapham (though beware, the timing could be off, especially if you're streaming the game).

Here's how you can listen to Bengals games in 2023

According to the Bengals' official website, the flagship stations for Bengals radio are 700WLW, ESPN 1530, and 102.7 WEBN. You can also use that link to find what station Bengals radio is on in your region (there are affiliates for Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia).

Hoard and Lapham begin their coverage 90 minutes before kickoff each week.

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If you don't live in or near Cincinnati, you can also listen to the Bengals on Westwood One but only for playoff and primetime games.