Ja'Marr Chase puts Bengals fans' minds at ease regarding Joe Burrow extension

Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals
Atlanta Falcons v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The biggest storyline for the Cincinnati Bengals this offseason is Joe Burrow and the eventual contract extension he should be receiving. Zac Taylor told the media that extending Burrow would be priority No. 1 for the franchise after the team fell in the AFC Championship Game.

Extending Burrow is a no brainer. It's how the Bengals can do so and still afford to extend guys like Ja'Marr Chase next year and Tee Higgins this year while also extending Logan Wilson and re-signing guys (and signing new players) in free agency.

Chase, who we all know is super close to Burrow dating back to their LSU days, made Bengals fans feel a tad bit better with his latest comments regarding the matter.

Ja'Marr Chase says that Joe Burrow wants his contract to allow his weapons to get paid

Burrow and Higgins are both up for extensions this offseason and Chase will be up for an extension next offseason. Andre Perrotta had a solid contract proposal for Burrow at eight years, $408 million. This would allow the team to pay Burrow and keep him in town while also keeping some key talent.

The Bengals won't be able to keep everyone, of course, but some of their best players could still be affordable under this proposal.

There could some hiccups in the process, however. Guys like Justin Herbert and Tua Tagovailoa are also up for extensions this offseason while Lamar Jackson is a free agent and looks to earn a massive contract from whoever signs him.

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While it won't be easy to pay Burrow and leave money to pay other key players, the fact that Chase said Burrow wants to keep his guys in town would make one think that he's willing to take less money in the deal. Let's hope that ends up being the case.