Jake Browning sings Tyler Boyd's praises with future unknown

Browning described Boyd as an unsung hero in the locker room.
Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals
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Sunday's game could have marked the end of Tyler Boyd's time with the Cincinnati Bengals. The 29-year-old receiver has spent the entirety of his eight-year career in the Queen City but is slated to be a free agent this spring.

Following the game, Boyd spoke to the media and Jake Browning popped into the conversation to throw in his two cents on his teammate.

Browning said that he hopes to see Boyd back with the Bengals in 2024 and notes that he's an unsung hero of the locker room. Browning also added that if Boyd isn't back, he hopes that wherever the receiver goes, whatever team gets him will be fortunate to have him.

Jake Browning has nothing but good things to say about Tyler Boyd

As sad as this is to say, Boyd never felt like a priority for the Bengals last offseason when they were signing players to extensions. We all knew that Joe Burrow would get taken care of and then Logan Wilson also got a deal done before the season. Boyd and Tee Higgins, however, entered the season without new contracts.

Boyd put together a decent year for a WR3, hauling in 67 catches for 667 yards and two touchdowns. He did have more drops this season than what's typical for him with the big drop being the one in Week 10 against the Texans, who went on to win that game.

For what it's worth, Spotrac has Boyd's market value at three years, $26 million with an annual salary of $8.7 million. This could be doable for Boyd and the Bengals but they have a lot of other needs to fill plus Boyd is approaching 30. Is it a smart move to keep him in the stripes for another three years?


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