Ja'Marr Chase 40 time: Where did he rank among wide receivers?

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The Cincinnati Bengals caused quite the stir when they spent the fifth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft on Ja'Marr Chase rather than grabbing Penei Sewell. Chase is coming off his second season as a pro wide receiver and there's no doubt that the Bengals made the right decision.

Chase won Offensive Rookie of the Year following the 2021 season and had another prolific season in 2022. Chase and Joe Burrow were like two peas in a pod at LSU and that's probably why the team added him in the 2021 draft despite not really needing another receiver. It's worked out well for them.

Chase was an interesting prospect at the time because he din't play in the 2020 season. Therefore, people could only use the 2019 season when it came to recent reports on the LSU wideout. That made him a very intriguing name at the 2021 NFL Combine.

What was Ja'Marr Chase's 40 time in 2021?

Bengals fans have grown accustomed to seeing Chase breeze up and down the field so it shouldn't shock anyone when seeing that he ran the 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds.

Where does Chase stack up with the other wide receivers who have ran the 40 in Indianapolis?

Funny enough, the fastest 40-yard dash ever belonged to a former Bengal. You all might remember John Ross, who had a blazing fast 4.22 in the 40 and that pretty much singlehandedly made him a top 10 pick. As we saw, speed doesn't really mean much if you can't do everything else it takes to be a wide receiver.

Chase doesn't crack the top 5 in wide receiver 40 times. Ross leads the way and following him is Rondel Melendez (4.24 seconds in 1999), Jerome Mathis (4.26 in 2005), Marquise Goodwin (4.27 in 2013), and Henry Ruggs III (4.27 in 2020), according to Shannon McCarriston of CBS Sports.

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Chase had the third-fastest 40 during the 2021 draft, trailing only cornerback Eric Stokes (4.31) and wide receiver Rondale Moore (4.32), according to Fantasy Pros.