Here's why Joe Burrow will dominate vs. the Cowboys in Week 2

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
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Joe Burrow didn't have the game he or any Bengals fan envisioned in Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that can happen when you don't play any preseason snaps all off-season. He came out rusty, that's for sure.

As the game went along, fans did see a much more accurate and precise version of Burrow. Despite turning the ball over five times, he put the team in a position to win more than once, and the special teams could not get it done.

The Bengals head on their first road trip this Sunday to take on the Dallas Cowboys. The Bengals' offense will have to show up because there is no significant drop-off from the Steelers' defense to the Cowboys. Both have elite talent, and Burrow will need to be better if they want to win this game, even if Dak Prescott is out. The Cincinnati offense will need to be able to generate points.

Limit risky decisions

I'm not saying Joe Burrow should not take chances. He should. But he took a lot of chances that were slim in the Week 1 matchup that resulted in turnovers overtaking the open man in the box or in the slot. He has to make the right throw, especially against a defense that is looking to create turnovers like the Dallas Cowboys will be.

Burrow often telegraphed passes and threw into double teams, often trying to get the ball to Ja'Marr Chase or Tyler Boyd. He can't do that in this matchup, or he will have a similar outcome. The Cowboys will be looking to be ballhawks and force turnovers to help out their offense.

Joe Burrow suffered from an appendectomy during the summer, which held him out for a solid two weeks of training camp. It isn't shocking that he came out a little rusty in Week 1. As the game went on, we did see improvements and Burrow gained a sense of comfortability.

Use his feet and mobility to his advantage

Joe Burrow is more mobile than people try and portray, and this season after having an entire year to get used to wearing a brace and getting stronger and faster with his knee, he should use that to his advantage. Defenses aren't used to that part of his game, and when he decided to take that route in the Week 1 matchup, he was successful.

He rushed six times for 47 yards in the matchup, and when available, he should not shy away from it as long as he is protecting himself and being smart about when to slide or get out of bounds. If Burrow can develop those certain senses in his game, he can be highly dynamic, especially this week against Micah Parsons and the Dallas Cowboys.

Burrow's pocket presence and awareness were shaky in Week 1, and that is something he needs to build on. It could have been him being rusty like we've mentioned but the sacks don't always fall on the offensive line's shoulders. A lot of times, Burrow creates sacks due to trying to force or create a play that just might not be there.

Be himself

This one main be cliche and seem self-explanatory, but after a loss and a bad week, it is easy for young QBs to carry that over and be passive with the throws they make and the confidence they bring to the table. Burrow doesn't seem like the type of player to do that, but it is worth noting.

Burrow has always responded well to adversity or when he is doubted. Dating back to his college days, he has been like that but facing a good defense for the second straight week and now being on the road, he has to play his game; Take chances, but be intelligent in those chances; pick and choose when to make 50-50 throws and take what the defense gives him.

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Expect Burrow to be the version that we saw all of last season, especially down the stretch of the year when he went out and won the Bengals games by making plays. He can't dwell on what already occurred. Just take it one play at a time and find a way to win the game.