Joe Burrow feels optimistic about Tee Higgins remaining in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals' season has come to a close and for the first time since Joe Burrow's rookie year, the Stripes won't be in the playoffs. Burrow getting injured in Week 11 has something to do with that, as the team wasn't quite the same without their franchise quarterback.

When speaking to the media for the final time this season, Burrow was asked about the future of Tee Higgins in Cincinnati. The former number one overall pick said that he expects his wide receiver to be back in 2024.

Joe Burrow: "I expert Tee [Higgins] to be back."

Higgins is set to be a free agent this offseason but the Bengals letting him walk without getting anything for him would be silly. They might slap the wide receiver with the franchise tag, which would cost upwards of $20 million but then they could trade him if a deal isn't worked out.

Higgins did not have the kind of contract year that he was hoping for and injuries were to blame for that. He still made outrageous catches and proved that he's deserving of being a number one wide receiver.

The problem the Bengals are going to run into is that they won't be able to pay everyone and they still need to pay Ja'Marr Chase this offseason. Tying up so much money on a quarterback and two receivers might not be the best strategy.

Still, Burrow saying something like this should give Bengals fans hope that Higgins will stick around.


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