Joe Burrow leads the way in AFC North QB Power Rankings after Week 8

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
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AFC North QB Power Rankings

4. Kenny Pickett

Kenny Pickett has struggled since getting his first stint as a starting QB in the NFL, but he has shown glimpses of talent and skill at moments. His decision-making behind a poor offensive line has not set him up for the most success possible.

Pickett's rocky start doesn't fall just on his shoulders. The lack of offensive creativity and putting him in a position to be successful has been minimal. The Steelers also have gone through one of the toughest stretches of games they will face this season.

Throughout Pickett's time on the field this season, he has thrown for just two touchdowns and eight interceptions. His quarterback rating is just 38.6, which is 26th in the NFL. He has thrown for 962 yards and has two rushing touchdowns as well. He has shown some serious promise with his ability to extend plays with his legs, but you may already know he had that trait due to his rushing skills in college at Pittsburgh.

3. Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett isn't the long-term answer in Cleveland as they await Deshaun Watson's return. However, he had held down the fort and is coming off a very impressive performance against the Bengals. He has the Browns at 3-5 and third in the AFC North but has remained consistent in his performances.

The Browns are a team that likes to run the football. They want to give Nick Chubb the ball, mix in Kareem Hunt and win by wearing down the opposition throughout the course of the game. Brissett's job is just to take care of the football and make throws when he needs to, and he has done that.

So far, through eight games, Brissett has thrown for 1,862 yards, which ranks 10th, throwing for seven touchdowns, and has five interceptions. He has the eighth-best quarterback rating at 60.7 and a 63.9% completion percentage. He has added two rushing touchdowns on the ground as well. He's done a good job of keeping the Browns afloat until Watson comes back.