Joe Burrow's dislike for the Chiefs had him siding with a division rival during AFC Championship Game

Also, it was a good take.
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / David Eulitt/GettyImages

For a little bit there, it looked like AFC Championship weekend was going to come and go without any sign of Joe Burrow. The Bengals QB had a season to forget in 2023, only appearing in 10 games as a wrist injury ended his year in mid November. With the Cincinnati missing the playoffs this season, it seemed liked Bengals fans would have to wait seven long months before hearing from Burrow again. Luckily for them, during Sunday's AFC Championship game between the Chiefs and Ravens, the star QB came in hot and decided to Tweet for the first time in almost a month. And while Burrow seems extremely aware that rule #1 of Twitter is Never Tweet, this one was glorious:

What a tweet. Four simple words that not only weighed in succinctly on a topical conversation happening around the game, but also gave everyone a little sneak peek into the personality that is so widely-beloved not just in Cincinnati, but across the NFL. For context, Burrow was talking about the taunting call that Ravens wide reciever Zay Flowers was flagged for during the second half – one that had plenty of NFL fans upset. You know it's a disliked rule when the franchise QB comes to the defense of a division rival who's playing for a spot in the Super Bowl. If you can believe it, Twitter overwhelmingly agreed with him.

Joe Burrow, voice of the people. We didn't even realize how much we missed him. Here's to Burrow continuing to tweet proudly-wise, four-word thoughts once a month until next season. Surely there's some outlet out there that can bring him on as an analyst for the next 10-12 weeks? It's better than endless rounds of mock drafts.


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