Joe Burrow's top goal for the 2024 NFL season will delight Bengals fans

This is exactly what Cincinnati supporters want to hear.
Rob Carr/GettyImages

Joe Burrow recently shared his top goal for the 2024 NFL season, and it should delight fans of the Cincinnati Bengals. So, what is his goal? It's not an individual award, or a number of wins, but rather remaining healthy and being out on the field for all the games -- something the star quarterback has struggled with in the past.

A good goal for Burrow

"Well, number one, I want to be on the field for all the games," Burrow said in an interview with Complex. "I know I'm going to play well when I'm out there. I'm at that point in my career where I've seen enough ball and I know myself that I can go out there and play as well as anybody in the game.

"The biggest strides this year are going to be my body and learning how to get through the season, get through practices with my body, feeling tip, top shape. And so that's the main focus for the off-season."

That should sound like music to the ears of Bengals fans. Everyone knows how talented Burrow is. That's not even a question. The only lingering questions about Burrow have to do with his durability, and the best way for him to squash any such concerns is by being consistently available and out on the field for the Bengals.

It's no secret how good the Bengals are when Burrow is out there. He led the team to the Super Bowl in his second season and then back to the AFC Championship the following year. Unfortunately, he suffered season-ending injuries in the other two seasons and the Bengals missed the playoffs both times, including last season.

2024 will be an opportunity for Burrow to show that he can remain healthy for the duration of the season and continue to put up some big numbers, which typically translate to wins for the Bengals.

A healthy Burrow is all Bengals fans want to see moving forward, so it's good news that he understands just how important his health is to the team as a whole, and that he's prioritizing it as he moves forward in his career. After all, at just 27 years old, Burrow should still have a lot of great football in front of him.