Lamar Jackson and other Ravens who can crush Bengals' hopes and dreams in Week 5

Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Patrick Smith/GettyImages
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Marcus Williams

The Ravens defense played a superb first half against the Bills, and while they have been known for the occasional meltdown (Week 2 vs. Dolphins, 2021 vs. Bengals) they look like a solid and well-coached unit in 2022.

They've got Marcus Peters. Marlon Humphrey. And the guy at the top of this list, Marcus Williams.

The ex-Saints man has recorded three interceptions through four weeks along with a team-high 21 tackles and four passes defended. Williams has served as one of the Raven's most productive playmakers in the defense so far this season and should keep Joe Burrow on his toes this Sunday.

Williams just has an eye for game-changing players, whether it's picking off bad passes or recovering fumbles. There's a high chance that one Ravens defender will notch an interception in Week 5, and there's an even higher chance it'll be Williams.

Burrow needs to play his cleanest game yet.