Logan Wilson could prosper vs. Bills in Week 17

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Logan Wilson remains one of the more underappreciated and underrated linebackers in the league outside of Cincinnati. Wilson has been a Pro Bowl-caliber player for the Cincinnati Bengals this season but rarely sees the recognition he deserves. Wilson could be a vital piece to the puzzle on Monday night and with a national audience maybe this is the game that puts Wilson on the map across the NFL landscape.

Over the last three games Wilson has been as good as any linebacker in all of football.

at New England: 9 tackles (leads team), 1 sack
at Tampa Bay: 15 tackles (leads team), 1 sack
vs Cleveland: 17 tackles (leads team), 0.5 sacks

Logan Wilson's impact for the Bengals

The fact is that Wilson makes his presence felt in every snap, possession, and game. He is the play-caller for the defense and is set up for a big-time game against a highly talented and high-powered Buffalo Bills offense.

The Bills will give the defense many different looks. They play between the tackles with their two running backs Devin Singletary and James Cook, they will run Josh Allen downhill and there will be times when they play the edge and take shots down the field or alongside the line of scrimmage.

As a linebacker, this is a game where you could see many opportunities to make tackles all across the football field and even have chances to force turnovers. Josh Allen is one of the best and most talented QBs in the league.

His only hiccup is that he tends to force passes at times which can lead to turnovers. Allen is not going to change the way he plays because that ultimately makes him who he is. You deal with the minimal negatives because there are so many consistent positives that come with him—a lot like Joe Burrow.

However, this could be a big game for the Bengals to force a turnover or two and in tight windows across the middle of the field along the sticks is a massive chance for Wilson to take away a ball. We've seen him intercept a handful of passes throughout his first couple of seasons in the league and he could add to it Monday Night if he finds himself in the right spots.

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The game kicks off just after 8:15 PM ET, and there are a handful of meaningful implications for this matchup. If the Bengals win they will move into 2nd in the AFC. For the Bengals to clinch a one-seed and a first-round bye they will need to win out and have the Chiefs lose in the final week to the Raiders.