NFL challenge rules: What can a coach challenge (and not)?

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins
Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all of the rules in the NFL. There might be a moment where fans find themselves screaming at the television for their team to challenge something that just happened even though the play can't be challenged.

Let's go over what NFL coaches can challenge and what they can't challenge.

What can NFL coaches challenge?

Any scoring play is reviewed by the officials but that used to be a commonly challenged aspect of the league. Now, however, the most commonly challenged moment is a fumble. Did the quarterback's arm come forward before he was hit? Was the running back's knee down before the ball popped out of his hands? Did he have control of the ball? These are a few things that are looked at in these situations.

What can't be challenged?

As mentioned above, scoring plays are automatically reviewed. The officials will look at if a player's knee was down in bounds on the touchdown or if the player was barely out of bounds and reverse the call if need be. Interceptions are also automatically reviewed, per USA Today.

Coaches cannot challenge penalties, such as holding or offsides, as much as we might disagree with those calls.

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