NFL standings ordered by takeaways and giveaways: Bengals edge out Chiefs

The Bengals are good at forcing takeaways while the Chiefs turn the ball over.
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals defense has not been up to par this year but there's one thing they have been good at. When it comes to forcing takeaways, the Bengals have been one of the top units. While they didn't get any turnovers this past weekend, their defense has typically been notorious for being a bend, but don't break unit.

The good news for Cincinnati is that they're facing a team this weekend that loves giving the ball away. Just this past weekend alone, the Kansas City Chiefs offense had two abysmal turnovers back-to-back that gifted the Raiders easy points.

If the Bengals can bring that turnover intensity with them to Arrowhead, they can absolutely win this game. Let's check out where both teams sit in the takeaways and giveaways categories, per Team Rankings.

Takeaway Rankings: Bengals tied for 11th

The Bengals average 1.5 takeaways per game, tying them for 11th-best in the league. The Chiefs, for as good as their defense has been, sit at 24th in takeaways per game with an average of 1.1. They're a good unit but getting the ball back to their offense hasn't been one of their strong points.

Giveaway Rankings: Bengals one of the least turnover-prone teams

Last week notwithstanding, the Bengals are typically pretty good at hanging onto the football. This is not the case for the Chiefs, as only five more teams cough up the football more than they do. The Chiefs average 1.7 giveaways per game while the Bengals average just 1.0 giveaways per game.

Will these stats end up mattering much when these two teams meet on Sunday evening? Maybe, maybe not but if the stats are any indicator, the Chiefs should continue to give the Bengals more opportunities to score.


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