This nonsensical trade has the Bengals sending Joe Burrow to the Colts

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The Cincinnati Bengals aren't trading Joe Burrow. Now that that's out of the way, let's tackle the preposterous trade proposal from Alex Kay of Bleacher Report, who even mentions in the title that these are absurd trades. Gotta love the offseason, huh?

In the bonkers trade, Kay has the Bengals sending Burrow to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for "Four First-Round Picks (2023-2026), Four Second-Round Picks (2023-2026), OG Quenton Nelson, LB Shaquille Leonard". Quite the haul, but still not worth it. The Bengals weren't a Super Bowl contender until Burrow got to town. They're not about to piss that away.

"The compensation Cincinnati would require would be downright enormous. Their first-rounders in the next four drafts would probably be a non-negotiable starting point, and it's likely the team would need to include a bevy of high-end talent—guys like Shaquille Leonard, Jonathan Taylor and Quenton Nelson come to mind—and/or make some separate moves to acquire more Day 1 selections."

Alex Kay

This trade between the Bengals and Colts will never happen.

Let's say for some crazy reason this trade ended up happening. The Colts might have Burrow but he's not going to have much talent around him. The o-line would likely be as bad as it was when Andrew Luck was their starting quarterback and there are already enough comparisons between the two.

The Bengals aren't doing this trade for a lot of different reasons but at least Kay mentioned that it was supposed to be an "absurd" trade. Some outlets might post something like this and think it's actually a possibility.

Burrow is expected to land a massive contract extension in the offseason but that new deal won't kick in until 2025 since Burrow will get his fifth-year option picked up. That gives the Bengals two years to win a title with Burrow on his rookie contract.

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I get that it's the offseason but hopefully this is the first and only Joe Burrow trade proposal of the offseason.