Predicting the Bengals next five games after 3-3 start

What will the Bengals' record be a little over a month from now?
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
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Week 9 vs. Buffalo Bills (SNF)

The last time we saw these two teams go head-to-head, the Bengals destroyed the Bills in the snow during the AFC divisional round to advance to their second straight AFC title game. In the game prior to that, we didn't get to see the two teams do much, as Damar Hamlin collapsed and the game ended up being canceled. Fortunately, Hamlin is okay and has even suited up for the Bills this season.

This game will be played under the bright lights of primetime and the Bengals will have the edge with the game being at home. That being said, the Bills have certainly had this game circled on their calendar since suffering that embarrassing loss in the divisional round. They'll be motivated to get their revenge on the team that ended their season earlier this year.

The Bills and Bengals are similar in the sense of when they're good and both sides of the ball are clicking, they're really freaking good and Super Bowl contenders. On the flip side, there are those games where these teams are inconsistent and frustrating to watch. The Bills have been looking more inconsistent in recent weeks, losing to the Jaguars in London and nearly losing to the Giants of all teams.

That's what makes this game so hard to predict. Which version of the Bengals will we be getting and what version of the Bills will we be getting?

With this match-up taking place at Paycor Stadium, I can't pick against the Bengals. They've proven they can beat the Bills in big moments before so why pick against them?

Prediction: Bengals win 24-17