Predicting the final five games of the Bengals 2022 season

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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As you've all heard by now, the Cincinnati Bengals' final stretch of games is a gauntlet. They've already won two of the tougher games against the Titans and Chiefs so now it's time to look at the final five games.

For those wondering, the No. 1 seed is still up for grabs for the Bengals, especially now that they hold the head-to-head advantage over Kansas City. They could still win the AFC North too, especially now that Lamar Jackson is injured. We never root for injuries obviously but the injury definitely increases Cincinnati's odds to win the division.

The Bengals control their own destiny for both the top seed and the division but let's go through each game remaining on their schedule and see what they have to deal with.

Week 14 vs Browns

The Browns have won the last five games against the Bengals and only have they won them, they've dominated in them. Now it is worth noting that Week 18's matchup from a season ago involved Cincinnati starting a lot of their backups so it's hard to really gauge much from that game.

This year, however, the Browns straight up smoked the Bengals when the two met up in Week 8 for Monday Night Football on a spooky Halloween night. The Bengals were out of that game before it really even got underway.

While I'm aware of how much the Bengals have struggled against Cleveland for whatever reason, this team is red-hot. I don't see their losing streak against the Browns continuing.

Prediction: Bengals win 30-17