Pros and Cons of the Bengals keeping Joe Mixon for 2023 season

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Joe Mixon has been the heart and soul of the Cincinnati Bengals for years now and it seems as if we will get another taste of that this season. Zac Taylor and Duke Tobin have made it clear that they believe in Mixon and he is the lead running back going into 2023.

Mixon is coming off one of his least effective seasons and has had a questionable off-season from time to time with his name in the media for some controversial issues. Nonetheless, that is now in the past. He has been a class act since being drafted out of Oklahoma and Cincinnati is not ready to cut ties yet.

Here are the pros and cons of retaining Mixon for another season.


3. Experience and chemistry with the team

This is obvious if you watch Bengals football and follow the team. Joe Mixon is a key part of this roster and it shows. He roots for his teammates, he has fun while he plays, and you can see the authenticity within his interviews and alongside others on the roster.

Mixon has made his presence felt from a positive viewpoint in Cincinnati and the coaches have expressed their belief in the 26-year-old running back. Not to mention, with Samaje Perine now gone, Mixon is the only running back on the depth chart with any starting-level experience.

2. An all-purpose back who can be a three-down player

One thing Joe Mixon has brought to the table year after year being an all-purpose back who's capable of being on the field every down. His pass blocking took a step back last year, but generally, he has been solid from that aspect, along with being able to be a threat-catching passes out of the backfield and being a downhill runner between the tackles.

Mixon racked up just over 800 yards on the ground last year, which was unlike him, considering he had 1,200 the year prior. Nonetheless, In six seasons with the Bengals, Mixon has managed to maintain 5,378 rushing yards, 1,763 receiving yards, and 50 total touchdowns.

1. High leadership skills who brings constant energy

This is something you will not be able to question when you talk about Joe Mixon. He is the heart and soul of this team in many instances.

He has been the focal leader time and time again, Mixon is always playing with energy, and that is something that his teammates and the crowd feed off of. Whether it comes from touchdown dances, yelling on the sideline in an upbeat manner, or being focal in the postgame press conference.

The Bengals' offense goes as Joe Mixon goes, which is why he is so important to the team this season. For Cincinnati to reach its full potential of winning a Super Bowl, they need Mixon to be a 1,000-yard rusher and to be effective.