Ranking the 12 Bengals wide receivers currently on the roster

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10. Malachi Carter

Another undrafted wideout signed with the Bengals was Georgia Tech product, Malachi Carter. His numbers don't jump off the screen in his career, but Georgia Tech was an offense that relied on running the football. They didn't have many elite or capable passers to put Carter in a position to show his full potential during his time there.

Now, Carter will get his chance to see NFL-level QB play. He will have a tall task, but undrafted or drafted in round one, you still have to take advantage of your opportunities and Carter, Hippenhammer, Lassiter, and all the other undrafted free agents will get that chance in Cincinnati.

9. Kwamie Lassiter II

Lassiter was an undrafted free agent out of last year's draft class and had some very good moments in pre-season that showed his rawness as a young player.

He had some drop issues in camp, which led him onto the practice squad, and with Cincinnati selecting two wideouts in this year's draft and retaining all the ones from last season, it may be hard for Lassiter to find his role on the roster once again.