Ranking the 12 Bengals wide receivers currently on the roster

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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8. Andrei Iosivas

Andrei Iosivas brings a lot of tools and abilities to the table for the Bengals that they can use in future years. However, it will be tough for Iosivas to see the field in his rookie season. He would have to be extremely impressive in training camp and pre-season, and that may not be enough to earn him a role over the seven guys in front of him.

Another opportunity could arise if the Bengals have injuries or poor performance at the position. But Iosivas was drafted as a product in the making and his role will continue to grow each week and each season he is with the Cincinnati Bengals but for now, patience is a virtue for the young wideout.

7. Stanley Morgan Jr

Stanley Morgan Jr is not the most competent and pure wide receiver on the roster but his role is still extremely significant. He is one of the better special teamers on the entire Bengals unit and has been for two to three seasons going.

Morgan has a high and efficient catch radius but lacks the ability to create separation. However, his role is not necessarily to go out and catch touchdown passes when you have teammates like Higgins, Chase, and Boyd.

He is a very sound blocker in the open field and is extremely smart when it comes to his special teams' assignments. Morgan should once again receive a roster spot and play a role in the Bengals' success.