Ranking the 12 Bengals wide receivers currently on the roster

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6. Charlie Jones

Fourth-round pick Charlie Jones could have a very significant role in year one with the Bengals' offense. I'd anticipate him making the roster and could even slowly develop more field time than Trent Taylor. It will be hard to outwork Trenton Irwin after last season, but Jones is a playmaker and showed it last year at Purdue.

Jones had the best season of his collegiate career last season with the Boilermakers. He started at Iowa but never really got the opportunity to be a playmaker in the offense so then he transferred to Purdue. The Hawkeyes QB play the last two to three seasons has struggled mightily, making Iowa a historically bad offense as of late which didn't bode well for Jones during his first few college seasons.

5. Trent Taylor

Trent Taylor has shown his ability to be a competent punt returner and a solid slot receiver in many instances, but this will be a very important year for him. If Charlie Jones takes the reigns as the punt returner then Taylor will slowly fall back on the depth chart and could eventually see himself off of it in the long run.

However, Taylor has proved he can play a key role on a division and conference-winning team. Expect him to still get the upper hand going into training camp.