Ranking the 12 Bengals wide receivers currently on the roster

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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4. Trenton Irwin

After years of practice squad work, Trenton Irwin got his opportunity to play significant snaps and he exceeded expectations. Irwin hauled in 15 receptions, 231 yards, and four touchdowns last season with a 15.4 average per reception. He was the fourth wide receiver on the depth chart and honestly didn't see real-time until the middle of the season.

The bulk of Irwin's success started when Chase went down with an injury and the back half of the season. His best game came against the New England Patriots on the road where he had two touchdown receptions and over 40 yards receiving.

3. Tyler Boyd

Tyler Boyd's importance and significance to this team often goes unnoticed but he is one of the better slot wideouts in the entire league. He rarely drops passes, his route running is smooth, and he always seems to be the guy to come up with a big catch and conversion on third and fourth downs.

It will be interesting to see what he demands once he becomes a free agent because he could be the piece that ends up walking, However, Boyd has left his imprint in Cincinnati without a doubt after being drafted out of Pittsburgh in 2016.