Ranking the Bengals 5 left tackle options from worst to best

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What will the Cincinnati Bengals do at left tackle in 2023?

After Jonah Williams failed to make a positive impression in 2022, the team might look to make some changes to the left tackle position. He's under contract no matter what so he likely isn't going anywhere unless a team were to be interested in trading for him. That feels unlikely though.

Let's take a look at five options for the left tackle spot in 2023. These are based on what's realistic but also the best for the Bengals moving forward.

5. Trade for LT

The Bengals aren't the kind of team to make splashy trades so I'm not banking on this happening. That being said, trades are always an option.

Another reason I wouldn't hold my breath on this option is that there really aren't many trade-worthy candidates at the left tackle spot this spring. Donovan Smith of the Buccaneers is someone who comes to mind but he's coming off a less-than-stellar campaign and the Bengals probably aren't in much better shape with him manning Joe Burrow's blindside.

If the Chiefs tag Orlando Brown and then trade him, he'd be a really expensive talent to acquire and I don't see the Bengals wanting to give anymore help to Kansas City with those extra draft picks it'd take. So yes, while trading is an option, it's not a realistic or smart investment for the stripes.