Ranking the Bengals 5 left tackle options from worst to best

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4. Sign LT in free agency

Jonah Williams being on the roster doesn't mean he has to play left tackle. If the team happened to sign someone like Taylor Lewan (which is risky but it's still an option), they could bring him in for the left tackle spot and then move Williams over to the right tackle spot.

Williams has only played left tackle since joining the Bengals back in 2019 so this would be a last ditch effort to try and get something out of him but it's a possibility. He could also be moved to left guard but with Cordell Volson doing okay there in 2022, that seems unlikely.

Aside from Orlando Brown, there really aren't that many great options at left tackle in free agency and if the Chiefs tag him, that takes him off the board. I wouldn't advise the team to break the bank on a left tackle this spring but it's something they could certainly do and then Williams could be moved to another position.

3. Draft LT early on

If Broderick Jones or Anton Harrison happen to fall to the 28th pick, the Bengals might have to pull the trigger and bring them to Cincinnati. Harrison has the ability to play left and right tackle while Jones is going to be a left tackle more than likely.

Sadly, I don't see Jones falling that far in the draft but you never know. A run on quarterbacks could push everyone back and give the Bengals a chance to nab him later on in the first round. Hey, if he's still there in the early 20s, perhaps a trade up to land him might be in the cards.