Ranking the Bengals 5 left tackle options from worst to best

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1. Stick with Jonah Williams

The most likely option, as much as Bengals fans don't want to hear it, is that Williams holds onto his left tackle job. His fifth-year contract getting picked up last spring ensured that he'd be on the roster in 2022 and the Bengals aren't the kind of organization that will sit someone on the bench when they're making a huge chunk of change.

Williams might have allowed the most sacks in the league but he wasn't as bad as some fans made him out to be. Did he have bad games? Yes, of course, but he wasn't as bad as some of the left tackles Cincinnati has thrown out there in the past.

Williams finished the 2022 season with a PFF grade of 61.2 but when the Bengals went on their long winning streak, it was because Williams and the rest of the o-line were gelling and playing well. He was a liability in some games but by no means was he the worst player on the entire team.

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It feels likely that Jonah Williams will be the starting left tackle for the Bengals in 2023.