Ranking the best Bengals jerseys of all time

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5. Modern Stripes (2004-2020)

This is going from the Bengals' minimal uniforms to their most maximal and is the third time in the team’s history that they went through a major overhaul with the uniforms. The longer you look at these uniforms the more you begin to wonder what is going on.

The home and away were still black and white. This time on the shoulder pads the jerseys had orange blocks with black stripes. Their alternate jersey was orange with black sleeves and an orange stripe in the sleeve. On all three jerseys, they had white “TV” numbers on the shoulder pads.

With the black and orange alternate uniforms, they had a big white stripe down the side of the jersey. It’s the main thing that sticks out the longer you look at them. It becomes an eyesore. Along with the white line down the sides of the ribcage, there is a stripe of orange and black down the pants.

It is a lot to take in. It is as if someone was given carte blanche to do whatever they wanted to the uniform and they put every idea they had. Not my favorite.