Ranking the best Bengals jerseys of all time

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3. Updated Modern Stripes (2021-Present)

After the 2020 season, several teams got updated uniforms. Cincy wisely scaled back their modern stripes to a more tasteful version of their new iteration. They take a little something from every previous era. The numbers are reminiscent of “The First Stripes” era with orange around white or black numbers, alternating with the color of the jersey.

Of course, now they have the alternate orange jersey, which has white numbers with a black outline. They have stripes on their shoulders, but the stripes are interwoven with the jersey instead of in their own block, separate from the jersey color.

This is the same for the pants' stripes. Whereas the 1980s version had an ugly block of stripes that looked hand drawn, these are also interwoven with the pants, instead of in their own block, it looks like the pants have stripes. It’s a cool little touch that makes a big difference.

Another change is instead of the B logo on the front of the Jersey in the top-center it is the word Bengals spelled out on top. Somehow it has a cleaner look than just the logo at the top, the numbers appear a bit smaller, so overall it has a much cleaner look.