Ranking the best Bengals jerseys of all time

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2. The White Stripes (2016-2018, 2022)

In 2016, the NFL announced that all 32 teams would participate in the color rush. Every team would wear a uniform of one color. Some were terrible and should never be seen again like the Jaguars' mustard yellow uniforms.

But, when the Bengals unveiled their white and black stripes it was met with universal acclaim. The white looked so slick with the black numbers, and the stripes remained where they were with only black stripes. They still had the orange helmet, many fans were clamoring for a rule change to allow the Bengals to use a white and black helmet. In five years, fans would have their dreams answered.

In 2018, the color rush was discontinued, but some teams kept using them as their alternate uniform for Thursday Night Football. In 2021 a rule change was announced allowing teams to use an alternate helmet for a select number of games.

The Bengals decided to do the white tiger helmets with white uniforms with black stripes. This may be a biased opinion but it is currently the best-looking uniform in the NFL. It’s only better served with its limited use. For every game, it might get bland and people would miss the orange. The rarity of these uniforms makes them all the more special.