Ranking every Bengals head coach since the turn of the century

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The Cincinnati Bengals have been graced with four head coaches since the year 2000. Some teams cycle through coaches like they’re going out of style. It took a long time for the Brown family to find their coach, but when they do, they are loyal to a fault.

Before Marvin Lewis, the longest tenure as a Bengals coach was Sam Wyche who coached the team for eight seasons. Most other coaches didn’t last five seasons. Finding stability in the head coach position is essential to success. Let's rank every Bengals head coach since the turn of the century, starting with number four.

4. Bruce Coslet (1996-2000)

Forewarning -- Bruce Coslet coached the Bengals before the year 2000 so we're only going to consider his work during that final season since it was the only one that meets the criteria for these rankings.

Bruce Coslet played for the Bengals as a tight end from 1969-1976. He then became a tight ends coach, first for the 49ers in 1980 before returning to Cincy in 1981. He was a wide receivers coach from 1981-1984 and then from 1985-1989, he was the offensive coordinator.

Coslet then became a head coach for the New York Jets from 1990-1993 before returning back to the Queen City and eventually earning the head coaching job in 1996. The best Coslet did during his Cincy head-coaching tenure was 8-8 in his first season.

It was downhill from there until his resignation in the early days of the 2000 season. Bruce Coslet coached only three games in the 2000 season before resigning. In those three games, Cincinnati only scored seven points.

That is an average of 2.3 points per game…Yikes. Our boys lost the home opener to Cleveland 24-7 and then were shut out of the next two games. That was enough Bungles torture for Bruce Coslet and he called it a day after a Week 3 loss to the Ravens.

It is tough to be anything but last here when you only have three games under your belt so that's why Coslet gets the bottom spot in these rankings.