Ranking every Bengals head coach since the turn of the century

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1. Marvin Lewis (2003-2018)

No, Marvin Lewis never won a playoff game with the Bengals. In 16 seasons in the jungle, Lewis could never win a playoff game. One could argue it was because of injury. The two times they had the best shot to win a postseason game, Carson Palmer tore his ACL and Andy Dalton had been injured during the regular season.

For a third time now, a coach is only as good as his quarterback. Yes, Marvin Lewis did go to the postseason seven times, but any Bengals fan will tell you that 2005 and 2015 were the best teams that he had.

Ultimately, Marvin Lewis ranks above Zac Taylor here because of one big thing. Marvin Lewis elevated Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton whereas Burrow is the one who elevated Zac Taylor.

Look at what Dalton did after he left Cincinnati; he became a backup. Palmer did find success in Arizona, but that could’ve also been Bruce Arians. Recent fans might say that Marvin Lewis' final years were bad, as his final three seasons were losing efforts.

Nevertheless, everyone knew Lewis’ time had come. He’s that person who overstayed his welcome at the dance. However, that is on the Brown family and not on Marvin Lewis, as they’re too loyal.

Can you imagine what Marvin Lewis could’ve done with Burrow at the helm? It’s something to think about.

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