Ranking every Bengals third-round pick of the Zac Taylor era

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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3. Joseph Ossai

Ossai went in the third round of the 2021 draft and unfortunately, fans didn't get to see him play as a rookie, as the Texas product was injured in the preseason and never saw the field during the games that counted. That meant that 2022 was his first glimpse of regular-season NFL action and he looked the part of a third-round pick.

Ossai finished the regular season with a PFF grade of 55.3 and had a 52.2 grade in the playoffs. Of course, all non-Bengals fans are going to remember him for is his moment of poor judgment in the AFC Championship Game when he shoved an already-out of bounds Patrick Mahomes that set up the Chiefs' game-winning field goal.

While Ossai is going to be remembered for that by most people, Bengals fans know that he's more than that one play. He honestly played pretty well in that game aside from that one play and hopefully, he comes back more determined than ever in 2023.