Ranking every relevant Bengals QB since 1990

A minimum of 5 starts is required to be eligible for the list.
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8. Jeff Driskel

The San Francisco 49ers spent a sixth-round pick on Jeff Driskel in the 2016 NFL Draft but he was a member of the Bengals by the time the regular season rolled around. He served as the third-string signal-caller behind Andy Dalton and AJ McCarron for the 2016 season and then spent the 2017 season on IR.

In 2018, Driskel made his NFL debut, appearing in nine games and making five starts for the Stripes. He threw for 1,003 yards, six touchdowns, and two interceptions but won just one game that year. He's a hard player to rank because we didn't see much of him and while fans didn't expect much from him, he did okay.

7. Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Cincinnati Bengals were one of the many teams that Ryan Fitzpatrick played for. He came to Cincinnati after spending two years with the St. Louis Rams and appeared in 14 games for the Bengals over a two-year span.

Most of Fitzpatrick's Bengals action came during the 2008 season when he filled in for an injured Carson Palmer. The Amish Rifle did okay, slinging the ball for 1,905 yards, eight touchdowns, and nine interceptions. He also rushed for over 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Fitzpatrick's efforts in the 2008 season landed him a contract with the Buffalo Bills where he spent the next four years. Fitzpatrick wasn't expected to do much in Cincinnati but he did the best he could in a bad situation so this feels like a decent spot for him on this list.