Ranking the 4 WR groups in the AFC North from worst to best

How do Cincinnati's receivers stack up compared to division rivals?
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2. Cleveland Browns: Amari Cooper, Jerry Jeudy, Elijah Moore

Although Pickens will almost certainly surpass him in a few years, Amari Cooper, as it stands right now, is the better wideout. He's been consistently getting over the 1,000-yard mark in almost every season of his career, doing so in seven out of the nine years he's played. He put together a great year as a Cleveland Brown in 2023, finishing with 72 receptions for 1,250 yards (career-high) and five touchdowns.

While, like Bateman, Jeudy hasn't lived up to being a first-round pick, he is still a more explosive and overall just a better second option than both Rashod Bateman and Van Jefferson, and regularly produces 700-plus yard seasons, so long as he stays healthy, which hasn't been too much of a problem for him. Also, sometimes a player just needs a change of scenery to develop their game, so we'll see if that happens this year for him in Cleveland.

As for Elijah Moore, while he hasn't been anything to write home about, he did have a solid first year in Cleveland in 2023, with career-highs in receptions (59) and yards (640). As of right now, he's definitely the best of the WR3s in the division, though that's mostly because no one's entirely sure yet what rookies Roman Wilson and Jermaine Burton are capable of.

When it comes to depth at receiver, the Browns are probably the worst in the division. Cedric Tillman and David Bell are two young and unproven players who haven't seen the field all too much in their short careers, and to keep with that theme there's 5th-round rookie Jamari Thrash out of Louisville. The most experienced player on that bench is James Proche II, and he didn't record a single reception in 2023.