Ravens fans want John Harbaugh fired after the Bengals ended their season

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals had the pleasure of ending the Baltimore Ravens' 2022 season with a 24-17 victory on Sunday night at Paycor Stadium.

It wasn't an easy victory by any means, as the Ravens had the stripes on the ropes until Sam Hubbard recovered a Tyler Huntley fumble and returned it 98 yards to the house. That put Cincinnati up 24-17 and the Ravens couldn't catch up to them for the rest of the fourth quarter.

Following the loss, Ravens fans are rightfully ticked off and a fair share of them are calling for Harbaugh's job.

Ravens fans are in shambles, want Harbaugh gone

Harbaugh has seen success as the head coach of the Ravens but I don't blame some fans for being frustrated with him. The clock management (or lack thereof) that he displayed in the key moments of this game were painful to watch, even as someone rooting for the opposition.

Harbaugh also hasn't led the Ravens to a Super Bowl for a over a decade now, as their last title came in the 2012 season. It might be time for them to look in a new direction but that probably won't come this offseason with the Lamar Jackson contract situation looming.

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It always feels good for the Bengals to beat the Ravens but knocking them off in the playoffs was extra sweet. Enjoy the offseason, Ravens fans!