Reviewing the Bengals rookies after 2022's first quarter

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Cal Adomitis (UDFA)

The only UDFA rookie to see any playing time this year is Cal Adomitis, who the team signed following the draft. The Pittsburgh Panther long snapper was a popular signing amongst Bengals fans because while Clark Harris is a stud, he can't play forever and Adomitis gave the team a solid future option at the game's most underrated position.

Harris was injured in Week 1 against the Steelers and that injury cost the Bengals a win. Adomitis wasn't on the active roster at the time so Mitch Wilcox had to takeover the long-snapping duties and it didn't go well. Adomitis was promoted to the active roster the next week and might end up keeping the job for the foreseeable future.

There you have it, folks! We still haven't seen Cam Taylor-Britt or Tycen Anderson play for the team because both are on the IR until further notice (though Taylor-Britt should hopefully be returning soon). UDFAs Ben Brown and Desmond Noel are also on IR.

The practice squad has four different rookies on it, including Devin Cochran, Yusuf Corker, Allan George, and Kwamie Lassiter.

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What are your thoughts on the active rookies through the first four games?