Social media doesn't hesitate to dunk on Tyler Boyd for terrible pass

Boyd, what are you doing, bro?
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

A quarterback's job is to throw the ball and a wide receiver's job is to catch the ball. That's not how things went for the Cincinnati Bengals during their Monday night game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tyler Boyd threw a laughably bad pass right into the waiting arms of Josh Allen.

Social media made sure that Boyd knew how bad his pass was and how stupid the decision was to have Boyd throw the pass in the first place.

Social media dunks on Bengals after terrible play call

Here's just a simple replay of Boyd's throw, which is torture enough.

Tyler Boyd: Next quarterback of the New York Jets?

A lot of Bengals fans (and football fans) were also simply just thinking question marks when this play took place.

Sorry for the language here but the tweet was too good not to include. This was the most puzzling part of all of this. Jake Browning was playing well and the Bengals offense got cute. Why?

Maybe Mina Kimes is onto something here. Did Boyd think he could play quarterback? Not so easy is it?

Okay this is pretty funny.

Again, this is pretty funny.

Pretty much.

Hard to argue with Joe Danneman here. That was a laughably bad play called in the worst possible time.

Yeah, safe to say we don't need to see that play ever again.

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