Social media roasts Jake Browning for crashing down to Earth in Week 16 loss

It was not a good game for Browning.
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning (6) throws in the second quarter during a Week 16 NFL
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning (6) throws in the second quarter during a Week 16 NFL / Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Jake Browning and the Cincinnati Bengals had an off night in their Week 16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers with Browning throwing three interceptions in the loss. It was the worst he's looked since taking over after Joe Burrow went down with a season-ending injury.

Browning had played well since taking over for Burrow but fans were chomping at the bit for Browning to regress. He did just that in the 34-11 loss to the Steelers and the Bengals are 0-5 in the AFC North. That's going to make it tough for them to make the playoffs.

As mentioned, fans were way too eager to hurl insults at the Bengals backup quarterback and they let it all out during the Week 16 loss.

Jake Browning roasted on social media for poor performance

Yes, Browning sure did turn into a pumpkin this week after playing so well for his other three starts.

No one can argue with this one.

This sure felt like the truth.

You get a pick and you get a pick!

Hopefully people didn't bank on Browning to win them any big fantasy match-ups this week.

This seems like a bit much but we all know that Mike Florio hates the Bengals so is anyone surprised to see hi mtake a shot at them here?

Could you imagine if the Steelers had ended up starting Mitch Trubisky? This would have been a brutal game to watch.

I'm not sure this is the end of the journey for Browning. He's proven to be a good backup in the past few games and this was just one really bad performance. If he plays poorly again next week then maybe we can have a conversation.


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