Struggling Bengals starter is on the hot seat entering training camp

The pressure is on.
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages

The Bengals selected Dax Hill in the first round just two years ago, but after two seasons, the team has decided to switch his position from safety to cornerback. As a result, Hill was recently listed as a player who needs to prove himself at training camp by Bleacher Report.

For Hill the move to cornerback could either work to extend his tenure in Cincinnati, or it could be the beginning of the end of his time with the team. From B/R:

"On one hand, Hill was disappointing last season. On the other, the move to CB isn't a death knell for his career. He spent the majority of his snaps in his final season at Michigan in the slot. . . That's a role that Mike Hilton has traditionally played, but Hill could establish himself as the slot defender of the future if he's able to put together a strong camp."

Hill ready to embrace a new role

While he's played solely safety in the pros, Hill played some cornerback in college, so he has some experience at the position, and as a result he's eager to embrace the change in Cincinnati's secondary.

"I love covering," Hill said. "That's something I've always done pretty well in college. So I'm kind of just glad that I'm back in that same similar role and just looking forward to competing."

Overall, Hill doesn't think that it will be too big of an adjustment to move from one position in the secondary to another.

"For the most part, it's kind of similar," Hill said. "Covering different types of bodies, but at the same time, I'm still covering, you know, quality people. It's different but going to be some running there, but I feel like that's something I'm able to do."

The pressure is on Hill this summer. Let's see how he responds.