Ted Karras said this rookie was a home run pick for the Bengals

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There might not be a more likable player on the Cincinnati Bengals' roster than Ted Karras. The team signed him in free agency last offseason and the guy has been incredible. Not only has he solidified the center position in Cincinnati but he's a great locker room guy.

Karras is also very smart when it comes to the sport and knows what he's talking about. That's why his recent compliment of rookie Cordell Volson was something to take note of.

Ted Karras says that Cordell Volson is a "home run" for the Bengals

No one would have predicted that a quote like this would have been directed at Volson when the team spent their fourth-round pick on him in 2022. It was a bit of a surprising selection and even when it was made, everyone just assumed the guy would be a backup or third-stringer.

Instead, Volson beat out Jackson Carman for the starting left guard job (a job that was Carman's to lose, might I add) and while PFF doesn't seem to think so, the North Dakota State product has held his own as a rookie.

The Bengals had a tough task last offseason in trying to rebuild their offensive line and Volson wasn't supposed to factor into that at all. While Karras and Alex Cappa have gone down as the two most important additions to the unit, Volson would be the third-most valuable, as La'el Collins was pretty hot and cold while he was healthy.

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Props to the Bengals for not only seeing the potential in Volson during the draft process but then not being too proud to give him the starting job over Jackson Carman. It was the right decision and Volson has proven so each and every week.