Tee Higgins bounces back and other bold predictions for Bengals Week 4 game vs. Titans

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Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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Andrei Iosivas notches first career reception (and possibly more)

You might not have noticed because he didn't end up recording any stats in the minimal snaps he saw, but highly hyped-up sixth-round pick Andrei Iosivas saw the field on offense against the Rams double the amount he had in the first two weeks combined. Granted, it was only eight snaps, but this could mean he'll have a bigger-- albeit still limited-- role in the offense moving forward.

While he'll probably only get less than 10 snaps again, I have a feeling that he will make the most of one and haul in his first career reception. After all, fellow rookie Charlie Jones recorded his first catch in the NFL this past week, and that was only on three snaps, taking his one reception for six yards and a first down.

Fans have been salivating over Iosivas's highpoint ability and the physical catches he made in the preseason, and this game all that hype will see its first bit of payoff. I'm not saying it's going to be a big throw down the field that goes for 30+ yards and a touchdown, I just think that this game will entail the first of (hopefully) many milestones for the rookie out of Princeton.