Tee Higgins sheds some much-needed light about incident

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Something that didn't need to happen following the horrors of what happened on Monday night at Paycor Stadium was Tee Higgins being blamed. Higgins was the ball carrier on the play before Damar Hamlin collapsed and was taken to the hospital and some people (not naming names) took it upon themselves to pin this tragedy on Higgins.

I've already spoken about my thoughts on that. I'd imagine Higgins has felt horrible and there was absolutely no need for anyone to pile things on him and blame him for this. Fortunately, Hamlin's family came out and defended Higgins. Josh Allen also spoke up on Higgins' behalf during his Thursday press conference.

Higgins spoke to the media on Thursday, which was the first time we'd heard from him this week.

Tee Higgins: "I'm in a good place right now"

This is awesome to hear. Higgins did not deserve the criticism thrown his way this week and I'm glad to hear that he's doing okay. Higgins also told reporters that he's been speaking with Hamlin's mom.

A nightmare took place at Paycor Stadium on Monday and as terrible as it was, Higgins did nothing wrong. No one should have tried to fire blame in Higgins' direction but that's what happened this week and it was disgusting. I'm glad to hear that Tee Higgins is in a good place and is in contact with Hamlin's family.

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Higgins said that he was smiling when he heard the news that Hamlin had woken up and asked if the Bills had won the game. We all definitely were.