Top 3 former Bengals in the NFL playoffs right now

Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts
Cincinnati Bengals v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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2. Carlos Dunlap (Kansas City Chiefs)

It's hard to overstate Dunlap's impact in Cincinnati. He was a force on the Bengals' defensive line throughout the 2010s alongside Geno Atkins and currently sits as the second all-time sack leader for the Bengals with 82.5, just two under the current leader and Bengals legend Eddie Edwards. In 2020, Dunlap was dealt to the Seahawks following some drama with the organization before signing with Kansas City in 2022.

The former Florida Gator found himself back in Cincinnati this season for the first time since he was traded in the Bengals' Week 13 matchup with the Chiefs, a game where he recorded four tackles, one of them being for loss

Dunlap may not be as great as he once was during his glory years with the Bengals, but he's still capable of making an impact on the field. This season he has six TFLs, four sacks, and 12 QB hits. The only way he'll see the Bengals for the second time this season is if both Cincinnati and the Chiefs make it to the conference championship.