Top 4 Bengals positions that need more depth after the second week of free agency

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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3. Wide Receiver

As it stands right now, there are seven receivers on the depth chart, three of which are the formidable trio we know and love. While having four backups doesn't sound all that bad, the situation grows a little more concerning when you realize only one of these players has actually played a receiver role since being in Cincinnati -- that being Trenton Irwin.

Trent Taylor is more useful as a punt returner and, besides a two-point conversion in the AFC Championship Game in the 2021 season, we haven't seen him used much as a receiver off the bench. Stanley Morgan is more of a special teams guy who brings the energy and shows more upside in his run-blocking abilities than his abilities as a receiver, and Kwame Lassiter II only has preseason experience and only ended up playing in one game during the 2022 regular season.

As we saw -- as all three of them missed at least one game in 2022 -- the main three of Chase, Higgins, and Boyd can all get injured at any time, and after Irwin, the depth runs a little dry. Signing or drafting one more guy to come off the bench just in case (especially considering that this could very well be Boyd's last season in Cincinnati) will go a long way.