Top 4 Bengals positions that need more depth after the second week of free agency

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1. Quarterback

I know no one wants to hear it, but it's true. Joe Burrow is not invincible. While he has been able to take a lot of hits the past two years since his injury in his rookie year and keep moving forward, it's not viable long-term. Thankfully, the front office has been working on overhauling the O-line with pieces like Ted Karras, Alex Cappa, and most recently Orlando Brown Jr., but anything can happen.

There's not much you can do if your starting signal-caller goes down, however, the best thing is to have a solid backup behind him that can keep things afloat. As of my writing this, the team has still yet to re-sign Brandon Allen, which is a little surprising because it seemed like the safest bet going into the offseason that the Bengals would re-sign him. So, right now, the guy who would be stepping in for Burrow if he were to go down (knock on wood) is Jake Browning.

Nothing against Browning, but he hasn't thrown a pass at the professional level, at least in the regular season, and I'd feel more comfortable having a guy back there with experience-- like Allen-- to be ready to step in if anything happens.

Hopefully, by the time this is published, this part has already aged poorly and the front office will have worked out another one-year extension like they did last year before the season started, but if not, then the Bengals either need to get on that or they need to find a cheap veteran to back Burrow up.

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Those are the four positions, in my opinion, that are in the most need of depth as we continue through free agency and near closer and closer to the draft. What positions do you think need more depth after two weeks of free agency?