Top 5 sleepers for Bengals heading into 2023 NFL Draft

Bengals NFL Draft
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Anyone following the Cincinnati Bengals draft has a favorite and a good idea of who the team is looking for in the first round. A right tackle, a cornerback, a tight end, a 3-technique defensive tackle, and perhaps even a running back are in play. The names are straightforward: Darnell Wright, Emmanuel Forbes, Michael Mayer, Calijah Kancey, and Bijan Robinson to name just a few.

We have all figured out the potentials, now they just have to narrow it down to who they like the best and, of course, we all have our favorites. We can't wait to scream at the TV when Pittsburgh grabs Darnell Wright or whatever other favorite Bengals fans have in their heads.

That is of course the sexy pick, however, teams are made on Day 2 and beyond. As they say in golf, drive for show, putt for dough. The Bengals need to get that first pick right, the long drive. They have to sink some putts however in round 2 and beyond to truly win the draft.

Thanks to all of the Bengals nation on Twitter and people like Joe Goodberry, Jake Liscow, Draft Guy Jared, and a slew of others who do us Bengals fans a great service by personally watching loads of tape and contributing to evaluations. According to them there are lots of sleepers out there for the Bengals to get that dough.

Here are just a few that could help the Bengals win the draft.

Karl Brooks, DT, Bowling Green

Karl Brooks fits the Bengals MO for their later picks. A two-time team captain fits their leadership and culture requirements and he led his team in sacks for every one of his seasons. Sounds like a Bengals fit to me.

With excellent production against the pass as well as the run and great leadership skills he can be good in a rotation with B.J. HIll giving the Bengals some of what they lost when Larry Ogunjobi left. Getting him somewhere on or after Day 3 would be an excellent get in this draft.

"Brooks is just your run-of-the-mill 6-foot-4, 300-pound edge rusher. He is violent into contact as a pass-rusher, and when he turns speed to power offensive tackles crumble in his path. He earned an 89.3 run-defense grade and a 91.3 pass-rushing grade this past season."

Michael Renner, PFF

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