Tyler Boyd doesn't know what the future holds after Bengals season ends

Boyd is set to be a free agent.
Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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The Cincinnati Bengals' season is over and now it's time to start thinking about the offseason. A key player slated to hit free agency for the Bengals is Tyler Boyd, who was a second-round pick by the team back in 2016 and extended in 2019.

Boyd was a big piece of the Bengals offense until Ja'Marr Chase was taken fifth overall. From there, he was relegated to WR3 but was still one of the top WR3s in the league. This past season saw Boyd grab 67 receptions for 667 yards and two touchdowns with the yards being the lowest of his career since 2017 when he appeared in just 10 games.

With Boyd approaching 30 and the Bengals having other pressing needs to address this offseason, it wouldn't be shocking if he signed elsewhere in the spring. Boyd was asked about his future following the Bengals' double-digit win over the Browns to close out the season.

Tyler Boyd: "I don't know what I'm going to be doing or what my future holds."

The Bengals also have to make a decision on Tee Higgins this offseason as well and that could determine what happens with Boyd. Higgins is going to be much more expensive considering he's younger and typically more productive but Boyd was an important piece for this offense even after he was demoted to WR3.

If Boyd is willing to come back on a reasonable deal, he said it himself that he'll keep the Bengals in mind and would want to rejoin the team where he's spent his entire career.

It's going to be a painful offseason for Bengals fans and this Tyler Boyd decision could be one of the many painful decisions made.


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