Watch: Charlie Jones scores first Bengals TD of the season on 81-yard punt return

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals are on the board, thanks to an electric 81-yard punt return from rookie fourth-rounder Charlie Jones. The Bengals had struggled in the first quarter failing to move the football much but Jones was here to bail them out in the second quarter.

After the Bengals forced the Baltimore Ravens to punt, Jones, who is playing in just his second NFL game, took the punt return to the house to tie the game at seven points a piece.

Charlie Jones gets the Bengals on the board

Jones' punt return for a score was not only his first NFL touchdown but it was the Bengals' first touchdown of the 2023 season. It's been a rough start for the Stripes. They failed to score a touchdown in the season opener so now at least that monkey is off their back.

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This punt return by Jones was the first time the Bengals had one since Pac-Man Jones did it in 2012.