We asked AI which Marvel superhero Joe Burrow would be, and it's a slam dunk

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
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Since Joe Burrow joined the Cincinnati Bengals organization in 2020, fans have viewed the man as a superhero. In just his second year at the helm, Burrow led the Bengals to the Super Bowl and that felt like a very superhero-like action.

With Burrow being viewed as a superhero, I thought it might be fun to ask ChatGPT -- or AI -- which Marvel superhero the former LSU quarterback would be. The answer was quite fun.

"If we were to compare Joe Burrow, the American football quarterback, to a Marvel superhero, he could be seen as similar to Iron Man. Like Iron Man, Burrow is known for his determination, resilience, and ability to rise above challenges. Both characters have displayed a certain level of charisma and leadership, as well as a knack for improvisation and thinking on their feet. However, it's important to note that this comparison is subjective and based on individual interpretation. "


Joe Burrow is the Iron Man of the Cincinnati Bengals.

As ChatGPT notes, both gentlemen are resilient and rise above the obstacles thrown their way. While Iron Man's biggest obstacle has been Thanos and having to save the world, Burrow is faced with leading a franchise starved for a championship to the promised land. It's no easy feat.

From the moment Burrow stepped foot in Cincinnati, the Bengals were his team. This is exactly how things were for Iron Man when the Avengers were formed. He was also the one who had to step up in the most pivotal moment of Avengers: End Game, much like Burrow was the one who had to step up and perform in the waning minutes of the Super Bowl.

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Some might think Burrow has more of Captain America's qualities, but Iron Man is a good fit. The two are fearless, resilient, and are used to leading their team through the toughest times.