We'd like to see more from these Bengals players in 2022

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Chris Evans

The lack of snaps Evans has gotten on offense this season is disappointing. I understand he's behind Mixon and Perine on the depth chart, but the Bengals rushing attack hasn't been impressive so far this season and they could benefit from putting the kid from Michigan out there for a couple of plays.

It doesn't even have to be running plays, as Evans showed last year he could contribute in the receiving game, catching two touchdowns last year, including an impressive 24-yard one against the Lions.

I talked about the lack of the rushing attack, but I'll also mention here that maybe a running game that has struggled for most of the season could benefit from seeing a few different guys getting snaps, AKA Evans.

Yes, I know Evans is a sixth-round pick, but you can still get good value out of late picks. For example, while he wasn't drafted by the Bengals, current defensive tackle D.J. Reader was a fifth-round pick and he's been a force against opposing offense's rushing attack when healthy. The point is, just because Chris Evans was a late pick doesn't mean the Bengals shouldn't try to utilize more, whether that be in the run or pass game.